Student Life

Student involvement and learning does not occur only in the classrooms at Horizons nor does it end at 3:15. Horizons’ students are involved in many different activities around the school and community. Often students take the initiative in starting up a new club, sport or community service project.

School Trips

Every year, Horizons arranges a few sleepover school trips.  These trips are usually, but not limited to, treks into nearby mountains to slip and slide, and occasionally ski, down their slippery slopes of snow and ice. The trips give students, faculty and parents a chance to bond, learn and have fun together. The cost of these trips is not included in tuition.

Additionally, the school frequently takes day trips to places of interest in and around Atlanta. We are fortunate to be located intown in a major metropolitan area and we take advantage of all the learning opportunities this affords us.


Wednesdays at Horizons High School are set aside for special learning activities. Activities may include grade-level group projects, field trips or community service projects. Some examples of typical activities are attending a performance at Seven Stages Theater, visiting the neighborhood Land Trust, volunteering at Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, going to the Georgia Aquarium and viewing the AIDS quilt. On Wednesdays, students who have obtained prior permission from their parents or guardians are also allowed to go off campus for lunch. Students are able to walk to local eateries and enjoy an extended lunch break. After lunch, students and faculty come together for community meeting.

Community Meetings

Every Wednesday, the Horizons community comes together to make announcements, give kudos to those who have contributed something special in the past week and discuss issues. Community meeting is an important governance body, which is led by seniors, but we also consider it a classroom where skills such as leadership and communication are learned and developed. Each week, a different student is selected to moderate the discussion. When decisions are to be made, they are decided by voting.

Theater Performances

Horizons houses an 110-seat theater that is used throughout the year for school classes in the performing arts and occasional guest performances. Every fall and spring, every student in the high school participates in two theater productions. Under the guidance of our drama faculty, students put on “More Than Just a Word”, a series of student written and produced dramatic, spoken word and dance pieces and “I, Too, Am America”, a production centering on the theme of social justice.

Lake Claire Pool

On the Horizons campus is the Lake Claire Pool, an outdoor Junior Olympic-sized saltwater competition pool. During swim season, students use the pool for exercise and leisure.