The mission of Horizons School is to assist students toward self-actualization by providing a stimulating environment academically, socially and artistically within a diverse supportive community.


Horizons’ intent is to develop in students those values and skills which ensure maximum opportunities. Students learn real-life skills through active participation in the classroom, as well as in other aspects of the school. They learn responsibility, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills through active participation in the management of the school community. Such a leadership role empowers students, giving them the knowledge that they have control of personal decisions and interpersonal interactions.

Mutual education is the basis for teaching and learning in Horizons’ classrooms. This philosophy depends on an underlying respect for each person involved and recognizes the potential for every individual’s unique contribution to the process. Our diverse student population is given increased responsibility by participating and exploring in the educational process. Horizons recognizes peer interaction as an important factor in classroom teaching, in school governance, and in the development of social skills, peer leadership abilities and effective communication skills.