We are delighted you are interested in Horizons School. Horizons’ students are curious, community oriented, independent thinkers. They come from various backgrounds and experiences. They have different capabilities and talents. They cannot be easily characterized, but the one thing they have in common is a desire for a unique educational experience.

We know Horizons is a very special place and look forward to sharing our community with you. Choosing the right school is a tough decision and one that requires considerable thought. We are here to answers any questions you may have about Horizons.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey.

Enrollment Philosophy

Helping students become achievers, leaders, and contributors to the community is what Horizons is all about. We do not expect students to be “perfect” prior to enrolling. Believing strongly that students learn from each other, students are chosen to benefit from and contribute to the school community.

Enrollment Steps

Potential students must fill out an application form. Application forms may be downloaded from the link on this page or provided by the office. There is a $50 application fee for domestic students. For international students, an I-20 form and acceptance letter are sent from the school before a visa interview in the student’s home country. A $165 U.S. fee is required for international applications due to the added processing and shipment. Additionally, an official (sealed) transcript from your previous school must be provided to Horizons and a withdrawal form if you are transferring from a school in the U.S. Transcripts may be mailed or faxed to the school’s address.

In regards to the initial $5,000 deposit which boarding students deposit with Horizons School, this holds the student’s place at the school and in the dormitory until the student reports for entry in the school. This deposit is returned to the student only should the U.S. government reject the student’s application and interview. If the student is given a F-1 visa, Horizons School will keep the deposit as part of the fees due. In no case after getting a visa will the deposit be returned. If after getting a F-1 visa the student elects not to enroll in Horizons School, for whatever reason, all of the deposit is kept by Horizons School.

(NOTE: Students from the People’s Republic of China and the Cambridge Institute of International Eduction should apply through The Cambridge Institute of International Education http://www.thecambridgeinstitute.org.)

The campus is handicapped accessible.

Visitation by both parents and students is encouraged prior to applying for admission to Horizons. An appointment should be scheduled in advance. All visitors must check in with the office. Students spend an entire school day shadowing a current student through his or her classes to learn how Horizons operates and assess their interest in and compatibility with the school. For international students, a visit may not be possible; we encourage students and parents to communicate freely with the office to learn as much about the school as possible.