Horizons School provides a small class setting that meets each student at their academic level and progresses at a pace that ensures real learning for them. We emphasize teaching students to take responsibility for their own learning. Our motto is, “Learning to learn is the best lesson of all and at Horizons that is what we teach.”

 At Horizons, we believe that small is good. Our facilities were designed to accommodate 120 students for optimum functional time and space. 140 students seems too many, and there is, of course, never a case for too few. Ideally, we would like to have a mix of 30 students in elementary and middle school, and 90 students in high school.  Since our beginning in 1978, the average enrollment  has been 73 students per year.

Whatever enrollment may be in any given year, one thing is for certain. Horizons offers the most diverse school environment of any school in Atlanta. We pride ourselves on the cultural blending that takes place through the democratic ideals of curiosity and self governance.